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Strategy and Business Management

> Strategy

In the current business environment, only companies with a well defined strategy will survive and grow, through agility and innovation – in tune with the environment and anticipating the market´s demands. Go4! Brings the required support using a series of methods and activities resulting in:
• Definition of the company's Mission and Vision;
• Definition of required Abilities and Capabilities
• Positioning the company in the marketplace and understanding the competition;
• Strategic and Market Plan;
• Business Plan development;
• Identification and development of Strategic Alliances;
• Innovation Strategy and products launch plan;
•Category management approach;
• Brand positioning.

> Performance Improvement

As well as a good strategy, operational efficiency is fundamental. Processes must be reorganized in order to eliminate non value added activities, reduce unnecessary hierarchical levels, decentralize decisions, eliminate unproductive assets and measure the company's efficiency. These are some of Go4!'s tools used to achieve these objectives:
• Feasibility studies;
• Review of the organization model;
•Commercial process review;
• Supply chain analysis and design;
• Implementation of Value Based Management – (VBM);
• Zero based budget implementation - (OBZ);
• Implementation of cost reduction projects;
• Definition and management of performance indicators.

> Interim Management

Normally it is applied in companies that are in a transition, crises or changes period in organizational structure. In the most critical moments – in large partnership or financial crises – it may be necessary not just to provide changes, but also someone to lead the changes. In this cases, Go4! adds to its own managing tools, the executive personnel support, assuming for a limited period, the company management and guaranteeing the necessary speed and precision for a turnaround. Projects where Go4! is responsible for planning and also for execution.
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