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Corporative Governance

Developing a good corporative governance model is essential for the management of a modern business, even more so for family run businesses with a closed capital structure and that are growing.
Good governance means improving the company by organizing, defining roles and responsibilities, administering conflicts of interest, creating efficient controls and by applying transparency and corporate responsibility.
The company benefits as it begins to have a more strategic vision and prepares itself for the long term challenges.
The differential of Go4!'s corporate governance programs is that they are also directed towards family businesses and are supported by two pillars: structuring of the advisory board and family succession planning.

> Advisory Board
• Definition of the structure and functions of the executive board;
• Critical and professional evaluation of business performance;
• Deciding which performance indicators to monitor.

> Familiar Succession
•Preparing the correct environment for dealing with family issues;
•Defining codes of conduct for relationships and behavior within the corporate environment;
•Defining ground rules for the shareholders agreement.

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